I'm a software engineer by training, experience and desire. I've been "hands dirty" on everything from embedded to cloud. I've led high stakes projects and large international teams - working to impossible requirements and improbable deadlines.

These days, I am working on projects that help push the limits of what is possible - in order to forge new markets and create new opportunities.

2012 - Present

Cisco Principal Engineer

I work in the Chief Technology and Architecture Office at Cisco. I am part of a team who are tasked with exploring new areas that are opened up by advances in technology. Although the potential opportunities are huge, most often the requirements are still ambiguous, technology is still nascent and revenue chains unclear.

My role is to take these early market opportunities and explore them in concrete terms - by leading development teams and working in concert with domain experts. We don’t do PowerPoint - we tackle the problems head-on by building tangible, working, hype-busting systems. I lead by example, spending much of my time writing cloud native applications and coding across the development stack.

As part of my role, I am expected to perform technical evaluation on a range of platforms and companies and to present complex technical choices in simple to understand ways to key decision makers, inside and outside of the company. I have authored more than a dozen patents, with more on the way.

I am a technical advisor to our Government Affairs group and represent Cisco on several forums on topics such as the ethics of AI, data trusts, university liaison, research grant approval, etc. I work closely with our Social Responsibility group and am the lead for Cisco's mentoring programme for under achieving children.

At work, I am currently building a comprehensive, policy-driven, data sharing platform. At home, I am tinkering about on a bunch of fun stuff.

1998 - 2012

NDS Technical Director

NDS (acquired by Cisco) were a leading supplier of enabling technology for the digital television industry.

I worked in engineering and leadership roles on all aspects of the software stack from highly performant and available server side components to content delivery infrastructure to consumer facing websites and set-top-box programme guides.

Other Employment

Thompson Reuters Senior Engineer

ASTA Development Engineer

ICL / STC Junior Engineer

IBM Junior Engineer


Brunel University

Bachelor of Science in Maths with Computer Science.